Carpet Retailers Are “Cleaning Up”

Retailer Showroom

They loved it in the showroom; will they love it after a year on their floor? Yes! If it’s maintained the Bane-Clene Way®.

More carpet retailers are realizing the importance of servicing the product they sell. Warranty service and regular maintenance are very profitable additions to an existing carpet sales business since most overhead costs are already covered. But the primary benefit is a satisfied customer who will continue to do business with the company.

A few carpet manufacturers who try to maintain quality control from extrusion through installation are also promoting cleaning and maintenance. They understand that the perception of quality and the overall satisfaction with carpet can be greatly diminished by inadequate or improper maintenance.

It Works for Cars!

Automobile dealers have always recognized the importance of supplying the routine maintenance for the products they sell. By having a service department, the customer remains familiar with the dealer; this pays off when the time comes to purchase a new car. More importantly, much of a dealer’s profit is generated from the service department.

How About Carpet?

Customer relations and related sales go hand-in-hand for carpet merchants. Consumers are not usually familiar with carpet manufacturers, but they do remember the store where they bought the carpet. When it is unsatisfactory for any reason, which includes being dirty, they may blame the retailer and very likely will go elsewhere for their next carpet purchase.

Adding a cleaning service to a carpet retail business is easy. Major overhead items are fixed and the customer already considers the store as “the carpet place” and the occupants as “carpet experts.” A customer base is in place, just waiting to hear that the store offers high-quality cleaning service.

How a Carpet Retailer Can Get in the Carpet Cleaning Business:

Bane-Clene has been a supplier to carpet retailers since 1971. Following are excerpts from letters from carpet retailers who have established a cleaning operation:

“… When we sell carpet, we make a profit on the sale and that’s it. They are not likely to need carpet again for years. By offering regular cleaning service over a period of eight to ten years we realize two or three times the profit we made on the original sale of the carpet and we stay in touch with the customer.

“… Providing cleaning service lets us emphasize that we are interested in selling quality, not just quantity. On numerous occasions we have replaced carpet padding, restretched carpet, installed and cleaned existing carpet, made repairs and sold a room or two of new carpet as a result of going out to do a carpet cleaning job. We also sell carpet cleaning as part of the carpet purchase.”

“… It’s great to be able to do our own warranty service and keep the competition away from our customers’ homes and businesses. We offer cleaning at POS as part of our customized Sell, Install, Maintain policy.”

“… Having customers call us for cleaning is only natural since we have a rapport with them. Knowing that the Bane-Clene system is the finest in the industry, it is easy to keep these customers satisfied and build our customer base through additional referrals.”

“… Our customers are confident that we, as a carpet retailer, know the product well and can maintain it properly. Programmed maintenance is now a highly profitable part of our business.”

“… By offering our customers high-quality carpet cleaning service, we are showing them that we care how the carpet will look in the future, not just today. When they need new carpet, we rest assured that they will call us.

“… Since the start of our business in 1985, we have been asked, How long will my carpet last? Our reply has always been, It depends on how well you maintain it. That’s when we sell our guaranteed maintenance program.”

“… When our clients asked us to recommend a carpet cleaner, we gave them the names of two local cleaners. One used a rotary method, the other used powder. Unfortunately, our clients were not always pleased. We saw you at Surfaces and affiliated with a local Bane-Cleaner. Now our customers are happy and we get a little commission, too.”

“… We used to recommend three local cleaners who used three different methods. We figured this would satisfy everyone. Actually, no one was satisfied.One customer was even made ill by carbon monoxide poisoning. Finally, we stopped recommending anyone and went into the cleaning business with our own Bane-Clene system. Now we have total control and it’s safe.”

“… Our carpet retail business is down a little from last year, but the carpet cleaning business is booming. We are shifting gears and spending more time promoting the cleaning business. Carpet retailing and carpet cleaning compliment each other.”

“… Bane-Clene Institute is a treasure-trove of information. I came there not knowing anything about cleaning and maintenance and left feeling confident that I could compete in the industry. That was five years ago. Today, besides a good retail floor covering business, I have the best carpet cleaning service in our city.”

“… Carpet cleaning has never been a biggie with me. I took your advice and teamed up with your local Bane-Clene operator and have been totally satisfied with his work. He has sold new carpet for me on many occasions, but the thing I like most about this arrangement is that I don’t have to worry about anything related to cleaning.”

“… Most importantly, you stay close to the client and are assured of their continued satisfaction with the performance of the carpet. When they need more carpet, who will they come to?”

“… Cleaning, as one of our services, means continued customer contact as well as additional sales. I can sell them new carpet or I can restore and maintain their existing carpet, thereby providing complete customer satisfaction. They trust me to do what is right for them.”

Want to Be in the Carpet Cleaning Business?

Many carpet retailers are concerned about their competition that has a cleaning operation. And rightly so! A competitor who gains access to the home or office of another retailer’s customer is almost certain to win their carpet business the next time.

Bane-Clene is approved by many leading carpet makers and has everything needed to establish a high-quality cleaning operation at the least possible cost. Advertising assistance, toll-free help line, training, certification, referral service, rebate program, equipment, chemicals and supplies are all available through one source.

The Profitable Alternative

For retailers who do not wish to be in the cleaning business, Bane-Clene provides a premier referral network. Since 1980, hundreds of high-quality cleaning firms, referred by Bane-Clene, have affiliated with carpet retailers. They actively promote the carpet business and take good care of the customer.

For the name of a Bane-Clene trained and certified cleaner or more information about this exciting business opportunity, call 800 428 9512. Bane-Clene has been in the cleaning business since 1962. It’s not the only way, just the best way.

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