What is the Meaning of Delamination of Carpet Backing and What Causes It?

Image Showing Delamination of Carpet Backing

Delamination is When the Carpet Backing Comes Apart

What is Carpet Delamination:

Carpet Delamination is the separation of the secondary backing from the primary backing of the carpet. The secondary backing is any material laminated with latex to the primary backing in a “marriage roller” for dimensional stability while locking individual tufts in place. The primary backing is the material in which the carpet fiber is tufted. Backing adhesion is the amount of force required to delaminate or separate the primary and secondary backings.

What Causes Carpet Delamination:

  • Non-absorbent polypropylene backing yarns.
  • Looser backing weaves.
  • Bulky yarns (Berbers).
  • Graphics (step-over) tufting.
  • Improper formulation (too much filler) by the carpet manufacturer.
  • Improper application of adhesives by the carpet manufacturer .
  • Improper specification.
  • Improper installation (no power stretching).
  • Exposure to excess dry solvent spotter - always blot with solvent spotters such as Saf-T-Solv™ - never pour.
  • Age and oxidation.
  • Excessively thick low-density cushion (pad).
  • Traffic on carpet that is wet for a long time.
  • Heavy equipment being moved frequently over the carpet.
  • Urine (nursing homes and pets), especially at the seams.
  • Spillage of gasoline, fuel oil, (kerosene) and lava lamp oil.
  • Misapplication of seam sealer.
  • Having cushion seams directly under carpet seams.
  • Misapplication of seam sealer

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CAUSES OF CARPET DELAMINATION: Non-absorbent polypropylene backing yarns, Looser backing weaves, Bulky yarns (Berbers), Graphics (step-over) tufting,Improper formulation - too much filler

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