Wood and Laminate Floor Repair and Refinishing Training Classes for Carpet Cleaning Professionals

Training Class on Sandless Refinishing of Wood and Laminate Floors

With the Bane-Clene Wood Refinishing and Restoration systems, YOUR carpet cleaning company can grow your customer base by 20-30 percent.

There is a shifting trend toward using more wood and laminate flooring in both residential and commercial installations. In the training class, you can learn how to restore and rejuvenate both wood floors and laminate floors WITHOUT SANDING. In this HANDS-ON training class, you will learn:

  • How to review and evaluate flooring damage
  • What damage can be repaired and what cannot.
  • What floor conditions to avoid.
  • How to complete minor floor repairs.
  • How to properly use the Wood Restoration systems.
  • How to price out a floor opportunity.

Wood flooring is becoming increasingly popular with carpeted floors becoming less popular. Over the past 12 years, carpeting has actually lost ground, plunging 20 points from its former 60 percent share. All you have to do to confirm this is to go through new model homes where you’ll see very little carpet and a lot of wood and laminate flooring! Some of your customers are even removing their carpets from their old hardwood floors (and then they cover them with rugs)! Why get all upset about this? Why not take advantage of this trend? Don’t let your competition get ahead of you!

Now, carpet pros can gain incremental sales from the growing trend of residential hardwood and laminate floors. Wood-Solv wood floor care and repair system features award-winning NO-SANDING technology that’s simple to use and fast drying. It is a turnkey system that includes training, selling materials and a broad product line. You could earn anywhere from $200 to $400 per room. It’s as easy as picking money up off the floor!

How many times do your clients complain about their dull looking floors?

With this training class, you will be able to:

  • Seal joints.
  • Protect the original surface of the wood or laminate.
  • Hide scratches.
  • Fix gauges.
  • Stop tracking.
  • Leave no footprints.
  • Give the wood or laminate floor a brand new look.
  • Make your customers very happy and also make a LOT OF MONEY!

Presently, there are more than 20 million homes across the nation with exposed wood floors and two out of three of these homes have some form of damage on their wood floors and many of the rest are simply dull. The Bane-Clene Wood Refinishing systems enable professional carpet cleaning companies to grow their customer base by 20-30 percent by offering wood floor professional refinishing and wood floor care with no mess and minimal disruption. With profit margins as high as $400 per room and more, you can certainly hear the sound of opportunity knocking on wood.

Learn how to make more money at this class:

  • Key Benefits
  • Inspect and estimate the job
  • Marketing tools
  • Cleaning & finishing procedures
  • Repairing scratches & gouges
  • Pricing of your services
  • Maintenance programs
  • Initial investment
  • Hands-on Repairs
  • Hands-on Finishing of Wood & Laminate Floors.

For more information and to register, call 800 428 9512.

This hands-on class is held only 2 or 3 times per year.

Wood Floor Care Hands-On Bane-Clene Training Class
Hardwood Floor Restoration Training Class
Wood and Laminate Floor Restoration Training Class
Wood and Laminate Floor Restoration Training Class

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