Combination Thank You / Reply Card Self-Mailer / Handout - from Bane-Clene®

Thank You / Reply Card

A freestanding card with not only your message of thanks to your customer but also a reply card to be mailed back to you with their comments on your professional service. Needs a stamp to be returned to you.

Perforated, foldable mailable post card to thank the customer for “allowing us to come into your home with our unique cleaning system”.

Its other purpose is to invite the customer to complete a simple form indicating any areas of satisfaction or dissatisfaction.

Should be mailed to customer within a few days of your service.

If the customer lists a complaint, you should immediately contact your customer to correct the problem. Of course, if the customer has nothing but high praise for you, you can save it to show others and thank them for the compliment.

NOTE: If you want the literature imprinted, please call with your order. Personalized, imprinted literature cannot be ordered on-line

Link to a separate page or tab in the Secure Bane-Clene Store to Order Thank You / Reply Cards is below:

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