TLS® 2000 Heavy-Duty High-pH Prespray / Traffic Lane Spotter for Extremely Dirty Commercial Carpet

Heavy Duty Cleaning Filthy Carpet with TLS 2000 Heavy Duty Carpet Prespray

TLS 2000 Is a Very Powerful Is a Prespray Traffic Lane Spotter for Application Before Hot Water Extraction Carpet Cleaning Heavily Soiled Commercial Carpet (too strong for routine and residential use).

Features and Benefits of TLS 2000 Heavy-Duty Carpet Prespray:

  • TLS 2000 was specifically formulated for cleaning greasy restaurants, extremely soiled commercial carpets, trashed apartments and olefin carpet fiber.
  • Olefin fiber, commonly used in commercial carpet, has a very strong attraction for oily soils, necessitating the use of highly aggressive detergents and presprays like TLS 2000.
  • TLS 2000 PRESPRAY CARPET DEGREASER is an extremely strong super-concentrated liquid formulation containing grease emulsifiers and saponifiers, wetting agents, water softeners and grease-dissolving solvents:
    • The grease saponifiers in TLS 2000 are highly alkaline materials that chemically react with cooking grease to actually convert the insoluble grease and fats to soluble soaps. In this chemical reaction, called SAPONIFICATION, the fat molecules are actually split apart into soap and glycerin. This is essentially how soap has been manufactured for over 2000 years - a reaction of animal fat with high alkali to form soaps.
    • Wetting agents allow the ingredients in TLS 2000 to penetrate through massive layers of fat and grease for maximum chemical activity and speed.
    • The water softeners keep this soap from turning into soap curds that might leave a dulling sticky residue and prevent total removal of the grease.
    • The solvents dissolve the grease and soap and keep the resulting material liquefied for easy and complete pick up during wet extraction.
  • This unique combination of chemical ingredients in TLS 2000 results in a product that very significantly reduces chemical usage, time, effort and costs on those difficult grease-laden commercial carpets.
  • TLS 2000 contains no Butyl Cellosolve, enzymes, free caustic or chlorinated solvents.
  • Cleaning time is cut in half, amount of prespray needed is cut at least in half, results are better, liquefaction of grease occurs five times faster and carpets are cleaner and brighter.

Properties & Specifications:

  • Restrictions on Use:
    • Because TLS 2000 Prespray has a very high pH, avoid contact with other surfaces such as glass, natural fibers such as sisal and wool, wood and hard surface flooring.
    • As with any high-pH detergent, use on printed carpet may result in dye bleed. If on print carpet, follow cleaning with a Brown Out® acid rinse.
    • Clean any mats that are used between the kitchen and the carpet to avoid resoiling and slipperiness.
    • For professional use only! Not for use by consumers!
    • Keep out of reach of children.
    • Not for use on residential carpet or natural fibers.
  • Form: Clear, blue-green liquid.
  • Odor: Lemon.
  • Use pH: 13.
  • Use Concentration: 1:10 with water.
  • Storage: Protect product from freezing. Keep container closed when not in use.
  • Container Size: Single gallons.
  • Manufacturer: Bane-Clene Corp.®.
  • Country of Manufacture: United States of America.
  • Flammability: Non-flammable.

How to Clean Grungy, Greasy, Filthy Commercial Carpet with Heavy-Duty TLS 2000 Heavy-Duty Traffic Lane Spotter:

  • Keep out of reach of children.
  • Read label directions and cautions before using.
  • Test for colorfastness.
  • Apply TLS 2000 Prespray 5-10 minutes before cleaning the carpet.
  • Dilute 10 parts of water to 1 part TLS 2000 (13 ounces per gallon) in a stainless steel sprayer OR preferably apply through an Injection Sprayer.
  • The Injection Sprayer is connected to your solution hose in place of the floor tool so that the solution coming through is hot. Keep the spray tip near the carpet surface to avoid getting a mist in the air that you might be breathing!
  • Under extreme soil conditions, may be diluted 5 parts water to 1 part TLS 2000.
  • Physical agitation with a carpet rake or a buffer with a bonnet or white pad may be required before extracting if soil is heavy, old and compacted.

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Mr. Terry:

These are pictures we cleaned of spilled paint. To clean it off, we applied TLS 2000 directly (not diluted), agitated the solution and extracted. Next we applied Power Gel, it dwelled for 10 minutes, extracted and repeated the process twice. Final step was Stain Magic®, dwelled for 3 days. Then cleaned with PCA® using our Bane-Clene truck mounted unit.

Timothy Oxendine,
Salinas, CA

Removing paint spill off carpet

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