Selecting a Professional to Clean Your Fine Carpets, Rugs and Furniture

Certified Carpet Cleaning Technician

What to Know, Consider and Do Before Hiring a Professional Carpet Cleaning Company
by Wm. F. Bane Co.
in Indianapolis, Indiana


Nationwide, there are more than 50,000 professional carpet cleaning firms using hundreds of cleaning methods, processes, chemicals, equipment and endless combinations of these different ingredients. Most carpet cleaning firms are reputable, but, as in any industry, there are some that lack training and even some who may be unethical.

Some basic suggestions in choosing a cleaning service

Your own experience or that of a relative or friend is absolutely the best way to choose someone to come into your home or place of business. If you have a consumer organization in your area, call them to ask about a firm BEFORE you schedule an appointment for service. Check Angie’s List®.

With a reputable cleaning service, everything necessary for normal cleaning should be included in the quoted price. Odor control treatments, carpet and fabric protectors and difficult spot removal services are usually extra and will be fully explained prior to the service.

The cleaning industry is rife with bait and switch advertisers. Ads touting $5.95 a room may be tempting, but avoid doing business with anyone whose advertising sounds too good to be true. The price of gasoline alone prevents anyone from driving a vehicle and providing a good service at such a low price. These are called “Foot in the Door” operations. There will be extra charges for deep-cleaning, vacuuming, pre-spot treatment, color brightening, grooming and even for using a detergent. A $5.95 a room quote can end up costing hundreds of dollars before they are finished. And some of these operators can be terribly intimidating.


  • Schedule an appointment with anyone who solicits your business on the telephone.
  • Make an appointment with anyone who canvases your neighborhood.
  • Hire anyone who insists on being paid in cash.
  • Be pressured into buying extra services you do not want or did not order.
  • Allow anyone to bring gasoline, LP gas or other dangerous material into your home.
  • Allow a carpet cleaning service truck to sit with the engine running adjacent to your home or in an attached garage. Carbon monoxide is insidious and very dangerous.
  • Allow anyone to take your credit card out of your sight or away from your premises.
  • Allow anyone to dispose of dirty water on your lawn, driveway, street or storm sewer.
  • Make a check payable to an individual. Make a check payable only to a company name.
  • Pay extra for pre-spotting, vacuuming, pile setting, deep scrubbing, dual/triple processes or other so-called enhancements to carpet cleaning. Any that are necessary are part of the normal service of a reputable company.

Be Sure To:

  • Ask for references and check them.
  • Ask if the carpet cleaning company is insured. If skeptical, ask to see a certificate of insurance.
  • Ask if they have the necessary licenses to do business in your community.
  • Ask if their carpet cleaning technicians have achieved certification.
  • Insist on identification before letting someone enter your home.
  • Move your small, delicate and easily-breakable treasures yourself.
  • Expect movement and replacement of furniture at no charge unless otherwise specified.
  • Ask if carcinogens or other harmful chemicals such as Butyl Cellosolve®, carbon tetrachloride or high pH chemicals are used in the cleaning process.
  • Schedule with someone who answers their phone and all of your questions promptly, courteously and to your complete satisfaction.
  • Pay with a check or a credit card in the event you are dissatisfied. Credit card companies offer some recourse and you may stop payment on a check. Cash is gone!

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