Professional Carpet Cleaning Companies versus “Do It Yourself” Cleaning

Professional Cleaner spot cleaning carpet

Should You Use a Professional Carpet Cleaning Companies to Clean Your Carpet or “Do-It-Yourself”?

There are many reasons why people could and should use a professional carpet cleaning service. One reason people hire professionals to clean the carpets, rugs and upholstery in their home is that they are selling their home. Another reason is that they are having company.

Restoring the carpet to its original appearance will enhance the overall look of a room. The depth of cleaning an professional carpet cleaner can obtain cannot be matched by using a store bought cleaner or even by renting one. Trained professionals know what types of solutions work best on different fibers and how to remove “impossible” spots and stains.

Professional carpet cleaners also have professionally designed stronger truck-mounted carpet cleaning equipment. The truckmounted carpet cleaning machines they use to clean carpets much more powerful than the do-it-yourself units that you can buy or rent.

You can find expert, trained certified professional carpet cleaners by looking going to our "Find a Cleaner" section on the Bane-Clene® web site. These companies usually charge by the square foot so the price you pay will depend on how large an area needs to be cleaned.

In addition to cleaning carpets, these professional cleaners can also clean rugs and upholstery. Additionally, many have been trained and certified to clean, protect and restore marble, granite, tile and grout, wood, laminate and even bamboo floors.

Professional cleaners also have been trained how to deodorize and get out pet stains and odors. When looking for the best carpet cleaner, you can ask for recommendations from other clients they have worked with. Whether you are trying to sell your home or just want your rooms brought back to their original beauty, you will like the results you get from using a professional service using the Bane-Clene® system of equipment and cleaning agents.

To summarize, here is a list of Pro's for having your carpets cleaned professionally:

  • Professionally cleaned carpet will be much cleaner than you could ever get your carpet yourself. The professional uses much better detergents, spot and stain removers and much more powerful equipment.
  • The professionally cleaned carpet will dry much faster than with the do-it-yourself equipment.
  • The professional can easily remove spots and stains that you will be unable to get out because he or she is supplied with specialty products to deal with every kind of carpet spot and stain.
  • The professional can spot problems with the carpet, rug or upholstery that may result in damage if cleaned improperly.
  • The professional has the tools to permanently neutralize pet odor accidents, even the severe ones that are clear down in the subfloor.

To summarize, here is a list of Pro's for cleaning carpets yourself:

  • You can clean the carpet whenever you want. You don’t have to schedule the cleaner like you do a doctor’s appointment and work your day around the carpt cleaning company’s schedule.
  • Even if you rent a machine from the grocery store, it’s still cheaper.
  • You’re not letting a stranger in the house.

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