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From the spot removal tips in our Spotting Guide to the between cleanings tips in our Carpet Care Guide, our aim is to provide you with as much carpet care information as possible.

What Is Bane-Clene®?

Bane-Clene® was founded in 1962 as a general cleaning service company, known as The Wm. F. Bane Co. in Indianapolis, Indiana. By 1969 the Bane family had concentrated on carpet cleaning as its primary business.

They used numerous methods, but were not satisfied with the results and turned to what was then called “steam cleaning.” The results from this cleaning method were superior to the other methods used in the young company. The Bane family and their employees knew this good system could be improved and changed it to become an “excellent” system and developed their own unique variation in 1969.

The Bane-Clene Corporation grew from this humble beginning and began to manufacture its own equipment. Specially blended cleaning agents for the equipment followed in 1974.

Bane-Clene has consulted and worked with carpet manufacturers, carpet retailers, textile engineers and others to ensure consumer satisfaction regarding carpet care. This diligent effort has earned our company a position of prominence in the industry and the CRI Seal of Approval.

Today, the service company in central Indiana has grown into a major business with more than 65,000 customers. Bane-Clene Systems are sold worldwide to thousands of carpet cleaning professionals on 5 continents.

Why Choose Us?

Why should I choose Bane-Clene for my carpet, rug and upholstery care?

  • Our System: The Bane-Clene Carpet Care System is a tested, proven and unique carpet cleaning system, which will safely freshen and clean your carpets - a warm water extraction system (HWE) which uses no abrasive brushes or harsh chemicals. Pressures, temperatures and the pH of the cleaning agent are all carefully controlled, leaving your carpets soft, the texture restored, the colors brightened and better able to withstand future soiling. More than 95% of the moisture from cleaning is recovered with the Bane-Clene System. Carpets dry quickly, stay cleaner and last longer.
  • Our Commitment to Service: The Bane-Clene Corp. service division has won numerous awards from Better Business Bureaus and consumer advocates such as Angie’s List. More than 65,000 residential and commercial customers provide a proving ground for equipment, cleaning agents, products and techniques used to produce customer satisfaction that is second to none. Thousands of independent business operators have been trained at Bane-Clene Institute in Indianapolis and are available through our locator and referral network
  • Our Abilities: Problems such as rust stains, pet odors and spots, heavy traffic lane soil and shampoo or powdery residue from previous cleanings can be treated with our uniquely formulated cleaning agents and superior equipment.
  • Our Equipment: With Bane-Clene, all the heavy equipment stays in the truck - nothing enters your home but the operator, with a cleaning head and a long hose.
  • Our Water: We bring our own pre-softened, environmentally safe water and do not use your water or disposal facilities. All the dirty water and unpleasant odor goes out through the sealed hose into the waste water tank in the cleaning van. There is no messy clean-up afterwards and no danger of spillage in your home or office.
  • Our Industry Experience: Bane-Clene has worked with fiber producers and carpet mills in testing their products, and we constantly update training programs to include instruction in the cleaning of all new carpet materials. Regional meetings and training videos keep Bane-Clene representatives informed of changes in cleaning technology.
  • Our Reputation: Major carpet manufacturers recommend that carpets be professionally cleaned and leading fiber producers and carpet mills recommend the safe, efficient and dependable Bane-Clene System.

Regular cleaning “The Bane-Clene® Way” will assure clean, healthy carpets!

It’s Not The Only Way, Just The Best Way™

Use our “Find a Cleaner” page to locate a Bane-Clene Carpet Care professional near you.

Or call our Toll-Free Locator Service at 800-428-9512 (US Only).

Beware of the Bait and Switch

Beware of the “Bait and Switch” tactics commonly found in the service industry. This is a sales tactic in which a bargain-priced item is used to attract customers who are then encouraged to purchase a more expensive similar item. Many unethical carpet cleaning companies would have you believe that carpet cleaning is cheap. Although having your carpets professionally maintained on a regular basis can save you money over time, the process of professional carpet cleaning itself requires very expensive equipment used by certified and experienced personnel. Below we have listed a few tactics that are commonly used in the carpet cleaning industry in order to get a foot in your door.

Coupons: If a coupon is offering to clean your whole house or several rooms for one low price, beware. The price usually represents the minimum amount they will charge for undersized rooms. Sometimes it does not even include the detergent. If you have a large room or a carpet that’s actually dirty, they will want to charge you more.

Dual Process Cleaning: Many companies will bait consumers with a low price over the phone, only to try and sell them on a more expensive dual process cleaning when they arrive to your home. The ploy is: you can get their basic cleaning for the price quoted on the phone, or you can get their “Super Duper Deluxe Cleaning” for a price that is probably nowhere near the original estimate. When calling for estimates, be sure to ask if they offer different cleaning packages and the prices of each. They’ll often be called something like “Our Clean, Cleaner and Cleanest Packages”. I guess the idea is, if you don’t pay them what they want, they’re only going to, “kind of” clean your carpet. A good carpet cleaner will do a deluxe job for every customer, not just those that give in to pressure tactics.

“Free” Carpet Protector: Stain resistors and fabric protectors such as Scotchgard™ are a great way to be sure your carpets maintain their appearance after a professional cleaning. However, they are not cheap. Beware when a carpet cleaner is trying to bait you with a promise of free protector. It’s very unlikely they would just give it away, which means they’re probably just spraying water. Some cleaners will even try to convince you that the protector is in their cleaning solution. Protectors can only be effective if applied after the cleaning. Fabric protectors should cost anywhere from 10 to 20 cents per square foot. If a carpet cleaner insists he is giving it to you for free, ask them to let you watch them mix it and see what their reaction is.

Charging by the room: Although there are many carpet cleaning companies that use this method of charging, some of them have ill intent. Here’s how it works: a consumer calls to get an estimate for a living room, dining room and a hall. The company tells them about a special they have for (3) rooms for $69.95. That sounds like a good price, right? It is … until they get into your home. What they fail to tell you on the phone is a room is any area under 200 square foot. Since your living room is 250, they’ll have to charge for another room. Oh, and since your hall is “L” shaped, that’s going to count as (2) areas as well. And by the way, that coffee spot you have in the dining room, that’s going to require a pre-spotter to get that out and that’s going to be an additional cost too. Do you see where this is leading? Always insist on an estimate based on the total square footage you want cleaned. It is the most accurate method in the industry. Obtaining the square footage of your rooms is really quite easy and a good company will be able to help you with it right over the phone. Not to mention, you will only be charged for the areas of the room you want cleaned. If you don’t want your bed moved, why should you have to pay for the whole room? If you do decide to use a company that charges by the area, be sure to ask what the maximum is for one area and if there are any additional charges for extras such as spot removal or heavy traffic areas.

Fortunately, there are honest, professional carpet cleaners around to choose from, such as Bane-Clene® Systems and The Wm. F. Bane Company. All businesses need to turn a profit to operate, so consider that when you’re being sold on an unrealistic price. And remember, if it sounds too good to be true … it probably is!

We are an accredited member of The Better Business Bureau™.

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What Is Bane-Clene®? Bane-Clene was founded in 1962 as a general cleaning service company in Indianapolis, Indiana. By 1969 the Bane family had concentrated on carpet cleaning as its primary business.