The Customer Is (Still) Always Right

Carpet Cleaning Technician Listening to Customer

The key to building trust with a customer is being a good listener.

The old adage, “The customer is always right” is truer today than ever! While crude, rude behavior may be hip in television commercials and sit-coms, the consumer seeking high quality carpet and furniture cleaning service wants clean, sweet smelling, courteous people to do the work. Don’t be misled by carpet cleaners on internet chat rooms bragging about “FIRING” customers or by marketing gurus who prescribe invasive, brash, in your face advertising and sales tactics.

A survey a few years ago showed an obvious difference of opinion between business owners and consumers in why customers change carpet cleaning services. According to interviews and questionnaires, 80% switched cleaning services because of problems that included failure to come back on complaints, tardiness, rude treatment, appearance of service personnel and poor phone manners.

When business owners were asked why they thought they had lost the business, only 10% blamed their business practices, behavior or the quality of their service. The other 90% said that fickle, over demanding customers, unethical price competition or changing demographics were the reasons they lost the business.

Most business owners interviewed said that the key to building trust with a customer is being a good listener. Customers, by an overwhelming majority, said they trust and buy from those who show they truly know the service they are selling and can talk intelligently about it. So, listening has its place but talking intelligently about our service is more important.

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