How to Clean, Care for, Protect Sisal Jute Rugs

Sisal rug samples

Sisal rugs are for indoor use only and are often found in enclosed and screened-in porches. They should never be exposed to rainfall or allow to become water saturated. Sisal rugs SEVERELY brown and water stain!

True Sisal is a natural fiber derived from the agave sisalana cactus plant, grown in semi-arid regions in Brazil and Mexico. Sisal is not the same fiber as coir or jute. Sisal is stronger and more durable than other natural fibers and is, therefore, preferred for Sisal Rugs. Other natural fibers used in making “Sisal” rugs are coir (coconut fibers), jute, hemp, kelp, seagrass from China and mountain grass from China.

It is important during cleaning to control the amount of moisture. It is NOT recommended that Sisal be cleaned with a wet cleaning method. If the Sisal rug is severely soiled and you must wet clean, try cleaning with Natural Fiber Cleaner, which contains a reducing bleach to reduce the likelihood of water stains and browning.

A rug or carpet protector should be applied to a Sisal or Jute rug before there is a chance of a spill to it that would be difficult, if not impossible, to remove. We suggest applying a solvent-based protector such as Sta-Clene®. Applying Protector will NOT GUARANTEE that your sisal will never stain, but it will reduce the chances should a spill occur. 

Water-Stained Sisal:
Water-stained Sisal Rug

Examples of Sisal Rugs and
What They Are Made Of:

Sisal Rug - Hard to Extraction Clean Because of Rough Surface:
Hard to Clean Jute Rug

Latex Backing of Same Rug - Latex Keeps the rug from Unraveling and Falling Apart!
Image of sisal rug backing

Severely Browned Sisal Rug after Improper Cleaning:
Browned Jute Rug

The Same Severely Browned Sisal Rug AFTER Cleaning with Natural Fiber Cleaner:
Rug cleaned with Natural Fiber Cleaner

Jute Rugs Are Made from Jute Rope:

Jute Rope

Sisal Rug Made from Sea Kelp!:
Sea Kelp Rug

Chenille Bound Cloth Back Sisal Rug - The Chenille May Bleed!:
Chenille bound sisal rug

Very Difficult to Wet Clean Herringbone Pattern Sisal:
Heringbone sisal rug

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VIDEO: How to Clean Sisal and Jute Rugs

If the Sisal rug is severely soiled and you must wet clean, try cleaning with Natural Fiber Cleaner followed with protection by Sta-Clene®.