How to Hire New Carpet Cleaning Technicians

Hiring and keeping carpet cleaning technicians

How to find and keep good people has always been a stumbling block in business, especially when the economy is doing well and unemployment is low. If you hire the right person in the beginning, your retention rate will be better.

To get the RIGHT employee, do the following even before you begin looking for a new employee or carpet cleaning technician:

  • Develop a profile of the person you’re seeking.
  • Review the characteristics of good people in your company and use them as role models for your applicants.
  • Prepare a list of questions to ask the prospective employee before your interview with him or her.
  • Know ahead of time what you’re willing to pay the prospective employee or technician.

Unfortunately, when you hire someone with past cleaning experience you are also hiring their past company’s bad habits. It’s usually best to hire people that have no carpet cleaning experience so you can train them to clean carpets and interact with your customers YOUR WAY.

In the cleaning business, “technical skills” can be taught quickly, but “people skills” are far more difficult to learn. Applicants with good people skills are easy to spot in an interview. They show enthusiasm, they have a ready smile, make eye contact and have a firm handshake. Rudimentary training will provide the skills that will allow that person to meet the company’s expectations.

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