We Invite You to Come to Indianapolis For a Demonstration -
Bane-Clene® Reaffirms Its Unique Sales Policy

Our customer service representative explains the componentry to a visitor at Bane-Clene. Each visitor is given all the time required for questions to be answered completely and courteously.

Bane-Clene Chemist deonstrates the effectiveness of Booster Carpet Cleaning Additive

Our chemist, Don Terry, demonstrates the use of carpet cleaning detergent chemistry as it relates to cleaning. All Bane-Clene chemicals are specially formulated and come with easy-to-follow instructions.

Advertising materials manager shows customer Bane-Clene Carpet Cleaning Sales Aids

Our advertising materials manager explains Bane-Clene’s sales aid and advertising materials. Bane-Clene’s marketing packages are customized for any size company.

Bane-Clene Carpet Cleaning Equipment is all made in the United States

Electric Winch System on the Para-Mount truckmounted carpet cleaning machine

User-friendly instruments, such as the Electric Winch System, minimize operator fatigue when utilizing Bane-Clene equipment. Bane-Clene equipment is engineered using the highest quality componentry available.

Cleaning filthy dirty commercial carpet with Bane-Clene Para-Mount truck mount carpet cleaning equipment

Carpeted sections of the warehouse and production area provide the “true cleaning test” for Bane-Clene equipment. No fake dirt used here! Forklifts and service vans drive over these areas daily.

Bane-Clene’s Philosophy

You are invited to come to Indianapolis for a close inspection of our business. In order to provide the courtesy and attention you want and deserve when you come to Indianapolis for a demonstration, we ask that you:

  1. Call us at 800-428-9512 for a firm appointment date. This will assure you that adequate time is allowed to answer all your questions.
  2. Ask for a detailed map for directions to our office if you are driving (See map below).
  3. If you fly, call to tell us the name of the airline, flight number and estimated time of arrival. Our vehicle will be at the pickup gate on the lower level at Indianapolis International Airport.

The customer who sells himself or herself on our carpet-cleaning equipment will be a satisfied customer. You can bank on it - literally!

If you see our equipment operate, we know you’ll sell yourself. We have complete confidence in the quality of our equipment.

No Pushy Salesman or Exaggerated Claims

If you are totally convinced that you have made a good decision, that you have obtained the finest equipment and the necessary training to go with it, and if you believe no one can clean carpets better than you can then your chances of success are increased 100% over the person who is “sold” by a smooth salesman.

Although frequently asked to do so, we normally do not give out the names of nearby Bane-Clene equipment owners. We want you to come to Indianapolis to see our equipment. Referring you to a Bane-Clene systems owner would be an imposition and an invasion of that owner’s privacy. Equipment owners have purchased the systems to make money, not to help us sell. And we’ll treat you the same way.

One thing we do promise you - a warm welcome from the people here at Bane-Clene. We hope we’ll be meeting YOU soon.

Map of Bane-Clene in Indianapolis

We’re proud of the “Made in the USA” craftsmanship used in all Bane-Clene products.

Made in America

Call ‘US’ on the Carpet®

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Free Bane-Clene Information Package

Bane-Clene Paper CatalogFree packet of information about Bane-Clene can be obtained by calling toll-free 1-800-428-9512 (U.S. ONLY!). Your information packet will include a full color catalog and price addendum. Packets will arrive in approximately 2 weeks through standard United States Mail.

You can also order the packet at the Catalog Request Form.

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