Advertising Handbook for Members of the Bane-Clene “Network of Excellence”™ Referral Program Only

Advertising Handbook for Members of the Bane-Clene “Network of Excellence”™ Referral Program

Advertising is a very essential element in the carpet, furniture and drapery cleaning business

Talking with someone who doesn’t believe in advertising can be difficult, especially when he says, “I’ve been in business for 20 years and I don’t need to advertise. All my business comes from word of mouth.

When asked about this, a forty year veteran of the advertising business said, “You see that church over there? They’ve been in business for two thousand years. They have a sign out front, they’re in the Yellow Pages, have an internet web site, ring their bell every Sunday and publish a weekly bulletin.”

Bane-Clene systems owners have the advantage of many years of experience behind the advertising programs offered at Bane-Clene Institute. All advertising material is proven in the Indianapolis market area before it is released for use by Bane-Clene operators throughout the nation.

The advertising class explores the philosophies of advertising and identifies the market which best responds to the services offered. There are five alternatives discussed at the school:

  • D.I.Y. (do it yourself)... For those who are brave and adventuresome and who do not wish to adhere to someone else’s standards.
  • The Mega-Port portable program... A complete advertising program, including yellow pages, newspaper ads and brochures.
  • The Customized Truck-mount Advertising Package ... Features Yellow Page and newspaper slicks, radio and TV commercials plus brochures which describe the advantages of the truck-mounted method.
  • Operation ABC... A complete advertising and sales promotion program that includes yellow pages advertising, ad slicks for newspaper, radio and TV commercials and an assortment of direct mail brochures and sales aids. Referrals and warranty work generated from consumer brochures published by carpet mills links Bane-Clene systems owners together via the internet. In addition there are business cards, letterheads, invoices and all the forms necessary to run a successful service company.
  • The exclusive Bane-Clene “Referral Network produces work for operators nationwide from leads generated from the internet, toll-free phone lines, magazine and radio advertising and many contacts in the carpet industry.
  • These are not ideas dreamed up by a consultant. All advertising has been used by Wm. F. Bane Company, the award winning* Service Division of Bane-Clene Corporation, which has more than 65,000 commercial and residential customers in Central Indiana.
    • *Awards from the Better Business Bureau, Angie’s List, various consumer advocates and television stations have been presented to the company for both truth in advertising and especially for its efforts against bait and switch operators in the cleaning industry.

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