External Extraction™ Truckmount Carpet Cleaning Method

“External Extraction” is the process of cleaning carpet with a truckmounted hot water extraction carpet cleaning machine where the dirty air and dirty water are removed outside (externally) rather than inside with a portable.

Truckmount Carpet Cleaning Method

Past carpet cleaning methods such as beating, scrubbing, soaking, powdering and rubbing were never very satisfactory. Then came hot water extraction, known as steam cleaning. This method was a vast improvement over the previous types of cleaning. The first modern truck-mount, suitable for all carpet fibers, was designed by Bane-Clene in 1969. The key to success is a combination of proper pressure, temperature, chemicals and recovery. Warm water (70° to 140° F) is pre-mixed with cleaning agents to allow full dispersion, then vaporized and injected into the carpet at low pressure (80 to 120 p.s.i.), which prevents wetting the carpet’s backing material with possible delamination and mold problems. The solution is immediately extracted using high air velocity. Bane-Clene’s base power unit generates more than 21,000 LFPM (linear feet per minute) of air movement through a two inch hose.

Soil is removed and more than 95% of the water is immediately extracted. The carpet is not subjected to harsh scrubbing and there is no soapy, sticky residue to cause distortion of fibers or rapid resoiling. The truck-mounted system automatically maintains proper pressure and temperature of the cleaning solution, which is heated from the truck engine while traveling between jobs. An insulated storage tank keeps the water warm; running the truck engine is not necessary while operating the cleaning system. 

The Bane-Clene system is safe for all types of carpet with the least amount of risk involved for the operator and the customer. And most importantly, “external extraction” means that the air is removed from the work area to the outside (external) to protect allergy sufferers. Drying time is reduced because the moist air is not allowed to permeate the carpet and furnishings. With this complete energy-conscious system, the operator brings his own pre-softened water and pumps the dirty water back into a holding tank for proper legal disposal. The customer is protected from unsightly dumping on his property.

When there is a need for portability in high-rise locations or those that require the doors to be locked, the portable power unit in several of the Bane-Clene truckmount carpet cleaning machines can be detached from the truck in less than three minutes. There is no loss in power, pressure or recovery; customers are offered the same quality of service on the top of a skyscraper as on the lower floors that can be serviced from the truck. Other truck-mounted operators carry small, inefficient portable equipment.

Bane-Clene is approved by leading carpet makers. With electricity for power, there is no danger of explosion, fire or asphyxiation from noxious fumes or scalding from broken high-pressure hose lines. No other cleaning system operates as safely, as dependably, as quietly, for less cost or is as environmentally friendly as Bane-Clene’s “external extraction” truck-mount carpet cleaning equipment.

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