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Don Terry, the Bane-Clene Chemist

Don Terry, the Bane-Clene® Chemist

Why Bane-Clene is the Best Supplier of Carpet Cleaning Products - Compare for Yourself

  • You’ve seen ads that compare carpet cleaning chemicals
  • There are over 1,000 suppliers serving the cleaning industry.
  • Most use “Private Label” products.
  • Only a few suppliers operate a legitimate school and service company.

Do-it-yourself check list  Yes= “Yes”  No= “No”
  Bane-Clene® Other
Safe pH for all fibers Yes  
Safe for operators and customers Yes  
Approved for use on stain-resistant fibers Yes  
Highly concentrated, quick dissolving Yes  
100% active powdered ingredients Yes  
High potency means less water usage Yes  
Large inventory - no shipping delays Yes  
Recommended by more than 50 carpet mills Yes  
Approved by major fiber manufacturers Yes  
Low cost/dilution/efficiency ratio Yes  
Durable packaging, easy instructions Yes  
Tested/monitored in own service division Yes  
Free shipping with quantity discounts Yes  
Cooperative purchasing plan available Yes  
Accept major charge cards Yes  
Toll-free hot line for advice Yes  
Staff chemist available for consultation Yes  
Continuous education programs Yes  
Maintain a full-time school facility Yes  
Contains Butyl Cellosolve No  
Contains chlorinated solvents No  
Needs super-heated water to activate No  
Special pre-job testing required No  
Contains sensitizing enzymes No  
Leaves excessive chemical residue No  
Contains dye-damaging sulfites/peroxides No  
Contains harmful optical brighteners No  
Contains salt, silicates, soda ash, other fillers No  
Contains lye or known carcinogens No  
Clogs, jets, abrades pump and regulator parts No  

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Free Bane-Clene Information PackageBane-Clene Paper Catalog

Free packet of information about Bane-Clene can be obtained by calling toll-free 1-800-428-9512 (U.S. ONLY!). Your information packet will include a full color catalog and price addendum. Packets will arrive in approximately 2 weeks through standard United States Mail.

You can also order the packet at the Catalog Request Form.

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VIDEO: Welcome to Bane-Clene® Corporation by Wm. F. Bane, Sr.

What Is Bane-Clene®? Bane-Clene was founded in 1962 as a general cleaning service company in Indianapolis, Indiana. By 1969 the Bane family had concentrated on carpet cleaning as its primary business.