Valuable Rug Rescued by Bane-Clene

Rug in form of musical note rescued by Bane-Clene from a flood

Not every artist would rescue his work after it was sold. But, Chris Leininger, owner of The Carpet Sculptors, of Reelsville, Indiana, goes above and beyond for his customers. He hand made this rug for a client, who is a musician in Anderson, Indiana. It is a $5,000 creation in the shape of a giant musical note.

The room the carpet was in flooded and Mr. Leininger went to his clients’ home, picked up the soaked rug and brought it to the Bane Company in Indianapolis. Dan Willis met him at the warehouse after hours at 8 p.m. to receive the rug.

After it was dried, cleaned and deodorized, Mr. Leininger picked up the rug and delivered it back to the owner in Anderson. The rug turned out beautifully, was as soft to the touch as it had been originally and everyone was happy!

The Carpet Sculptors are manufacturers of custom inlaid and hand-carved carpeting including area rugs, wall tapestries, and company logos. Having their roots in Indiana, the Carpet Sculptors were able to expand their territory with the help of the internet which has drawn commercial and residential clients throughout the United States. Their website, now accounts for 40% of their business. All of their rugs come with a lifetime warranty on workmanship subject to a maintenance agreement which requires the rugs to be cleaned at 6-12 month intervals depending on the specific traffic pattern. Mr. Leininger says, "We recommend to our clients that they use a reputable company such as Bane-Clene to perform this cleaning."

Reprinted from the Bane-Clene® Cleaning Digest™

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