The Bane-Clene® Duo-Mount® Electric Truckmounted Carpet Cleaning Machine

The Bane-Clene Duo-Mount 2-technician truckmounted carpet cleaning machine

The Duo-Mount is a TWO-TECHNICIAN ELECTRIC POWERED truck-mounted carpet cleaning system for utmost efficiency and output

  • Two technicians cleaning carpet from one vehicle!
  • Cleaning production and efficiency soar to a new level!

Features and Benefits:

  • Allows two operators to clean carpet or upholstery off a single van.
  • Designed for installation into a 1-ton extended van.
  • Cleaning production and efficiency soar to a new level!
  • Limited Availability in Used and Remanufactured Models Only.
  • Catalog #: 9
  • Please call 800.428-9512 for availability and pricing.

The Duo-Mount carpet cleaning machine allows two operators to clean carpet or upholstery off a single van. Electrically powered, this unit utilizes two powerful positive displacement blowers, which permit a two-man crew to accomplish twice the cleaning production of a normal van.

The mobile base unit remains as the heart of the cleaning system and continues to offer truck-mount efficiency in portable situations. The all-stainless steel tanks and electric automatic hose reels and winch system make the Duo-Mount the class act of the industry.

Designed for installation into a 1-ton extended van.




  • HD, 14 Gauge, Stainless Steel, Mounts to Recovery tank with special Bolted Brackets


  • 150 gallon with 3 inch Capped Fill Port


  • 22 inches H, 30 inches W, 60 inches L


  • Tank immersion heater with 25 foot cord with holding strap and 20 ampere heavy-duty plug and receptacle.
  • All Stainless Steel Heat Exchange System.
  • System uses otherwise wasted engine heat to keep water temperature at safe level.
  • Truck engine heats water while driving at no additional cost to you


  • 1 inch FSK Fiberglass Insulation, Protected by Metal Tank Cover. Maintains water temperature


  • 150 pounds

Gauge Package

  • Temperature, Sight Gallonage Indicator for accurate temperature control and chemical blending



  • HD, Stainless Steel, Bolts to vehicle for optimal safety, special tilted construction assures proper drainage.


  • 150 Gallons


  • 9 inches H, 100 inches L, 46 inches W


  • 450 pounds


  • 3 inch Knife Valve with 10' Discharge Hose to direct waste water to drainage receptacle.



  • Lease-Purchase Program Available
  • Note: Systems not available for purchase on-line
  • The Duo-Mount is special order only with a 4-6 week lead-time (Pending Manufacturing Schedule)
  • 20% Non-Refundable Deposit. If order is cancelled, deposit cannot be applied to anything else.

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