Pet Hair Removal from Carpets, Rugs and Upholstery

Image of cat or dog or on carpet

Embedded soils and pet hair remain at the base of carpet fibers until raised to the surface with a grooming tool. It is the best brush to use to eliminate pet hair from Berber carpet.

Tools for Removing Pet Hair from Upholstery, Furniture, Rugs and Carpet:

  • The Handi-Groom® and the Handi-Brush® from Groom Industries have tines or brushes designed especially for removal of cat and dog hair from upholstery, rugs, car seats and carpet. They are short soft bristle light-weight hand brushs excellent for cleaning bedding, clothing, automotive fabrics, upholstery, velvet fabrics, Oriental, Persian and quality area rugs. Effective for dusting and lifting the nap of delicate draperies and fabric wall coverings.
  • Use a carpet brush to remove pet hair from carpet.

Procedures for Removing Pet Hair from Upholstery, Furniture, Rugs and Carpet:

  • Dog and cat hair has a way of sticking stubbornly to carpets, rugs and upholstery.
  • To remove pet hair from upholstery, use a vacuum with an upholstery attachment.
  • A lint roller or adhesive tape or a wet washcloth or a pair of damp rubber gloves can be used, but will not remove entangled pet hair.
  • Another tool to remove pet hair from fabric or upholstery is a pet rake such as the Perky Groomer (a brush with crimped nylon bristles).

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