Lava Lamp Oil Spot & Stain Removal
from Carpet

by Bane-Clene®

Lava Lamp Oil

The dyes used in lava lamps are only soluble in solvent and are extremely difficult to remove. Additionally, the oil tends to stay in the backing and pad.

  1. If severe, pull up the carpet, replace the affected pad, blot the backing with alcohol avoiding overwetting and clean the backing with the upholstery tool.
  2. Allow to dry before reattaching the carpet.
  3. Blot the affected carpet fibers with Saf-T-Solv™ and clean.
  4. If the dye remains, use Stain Magic™.
  5. Chances of removing the dye are very low.
  6. If extremely heavy, use the Water Claw® Spotter Sub-Surface Spot Lifter to more thoroughly flush out the oil.
  7. Get as dry as possible.
  8. To prevent wicking, heavily sprinkle Stain Blotter on area to absorb any material that wicks up.
  9. The customer can vacuum up the Stain Blotter the next day.