Caulk, Caulking Compound, Joint Compound,
Silicone Sealant Spot & Stain Removal
from Carpets and Rugs

Caulking compound

  1. Caulk can be latex, silicone, asphalt or mixtures.
  2. Caulk can be clear, white, black, gray and other colors.
  3. For all caulking compounds, first scrape up as much as possible.
  4. For latex caulk, blot with Saf-T-Solv™ then acetone.
  5. If severe, apply diluted TLS® 2000 and extract.
  6. If residential, Brown Out® flush the area.
  7. Silicone and silicone/latex caulks are much more difficult to remove, because the silicone polymerizes by reacting with moisture in the air.
  8. Asphalt caulk is an even bigger problem because of the severe staining that may occur.
  9. To successfully remove silicone sealant or caulk, you must begin your procedure before the silicone dries to a solid!
  10. Once dry, silicone sealant cannot be removed without carpet damage.
  11. Scrape away excess contamination.
  12. Apply Power-Gel liberally to spot.
  13. Gently, but thoroughly, agitate spot to emulsify silicone.
  14. Rinse thoroughly using hot water extraction.
  15. To prevent wicking, heavily sprinkle Stain Blotter on area to absorb any material that wicks up.
  16. The customer can vacuum up the Stain Blotter the next day.
  17. If the spot or stain cannot be successfully removed, remove the affected area with the cookie cutter.