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2011 Spring
in the cleaning industry
Volume 41, Number 1
Bane-Clene Corporation
   3940 N. Keystone Avenue
   Indianapolis, Indiana 46205
   317 546 5448 • 800 428-9512
   FAX 317 543 2222
    Web Site:

Service & Supply Centers
   Hackettstown, NJ
   800 694 8555
   Crawley, Sussex, United Kingdom
   01293 437511 • FAX 01293 437517

   Wm. F. Bane

   Oka Negley

Accounting and Tax Counsel:
   Denise Pettigrew
   Jeffrey K. Eicher, JD, CPA

Insurance Advisor:
   Harry J. Cangany, C.L.U.

Legal Counsel:
   Bose McKinney & Evans, LLP

Marketing & Advertising Counsel:
   Media Associates

Technical Director:
   Donald W. Terry, Sr.

Technical Advisors:
   Donald A. Bane
   Elizabeth Ann Bane
   William F. Bane, Jr.
   Terry C. Harlan
   Kevin H. Stark
   Daniel G. Willis

Our 41st Year of Publication

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