TLS® 2000
Heavy-Duty Carpet Cleaning Prespray / Traffic Lane Spotter

from Bane-Clene®

TLS 2000 Heavy-Duty Carpet Prespray / Traffic Lane Spotter for Carpet Extraction Cleaning

TLS 2000 was specifically formulated for greasy restaurants, extremely soiled commercial carpets, trashed apartments and olefin. Olefin fiber has a very strong attraction for oily soils, necessitating the use of highly aggressive detergents and presprays.

TLS 2000 PRESPRAY DEGREASER is an extremely strong (too strong for routine use) super-concentrated liquid formulation containing grease emulsifiers and saponifiers, wetting agents, water softeners and grease-dissolving solvents. TLS 2000 contains no Butyl Cellosolve, enzymes, free caustic or chlorinated solvents. This unique combination of chemicals results in a product that very significantly reduces chemical usage, time, effort and costs on those difficult grease-laden commercial carpets.

Wetting agents allow the ingredients in TLS 2000 to penetrate through massive layers of fat and grease for maximum chemical activity and speed.

The grease saponifiers are highly alkaline materials that chemically react with cooking grease to actually convert the insoluble grease and fats to soluble soaps. In this chemical reaction, called SAPONIFICATION, the fat molecules are actually split apart into soap and glycerin. This is essentially how soap has been manufactured for over 2000 years—a reaction of animal fat with high alkali to form soaps.

The water softeners keep this soap from turning into soap curds that might leave a dulling sticky residue and prevent total removal of the grease.

The solvents dissolve the grease and soap and keep the resulting material liquefied for easy and complete pick up during wet extraction.

Cleaning time is cut in half, amount of prespray needed is cut at least in half, results are better, liquification of grease occurs five times faster and carpets are cleaner and brighter.


Test for colorfastness. Apply TLS 2000 5-10 minutes before cleaning. Dilute 10 parts of water to 1 part TLS 2000 (13 ounces per gallon) in a stainless steel sprayer OR preferably apply through an Injection Sprayer. The Injection Sprayer is connected to your solution hose in place of the floor tool so that the solution coming through is hot. Keep the spray tip near the carpet surface to avoid getting a mist in the air that you might be breathing! Under extreme soil conditions, may be diluted 5 parts water to 1 part TLS 2000.

NOTE: Because TLS 2000 has a very high pH, avoid contact with other surfaces such as wood and hard surface flooring.

Use Concentration: 1:10 with water.

Use pH: 12.5

NOTE: For professional use only! Not for use by consumers!

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Traffic Lane Spotter Prespray Carpet Cleaning Information:

Material Safety Data Sheet on TLS 2000.

Spray Bottle Label for TLS 2000 (in Adobe Acrobat format).

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