Solv-A-Clene™ Dry Cleaning Solvent for
Upholstery and On-Location Drapery Cleaning

from Bane-Clene®

Solv-A-Clene Dry Cleaning Solvent

Solv-A-Clene is a dry cleaning solvent product designed especially for "on-location" upholstery and drapery dry cleaning. It is a blend of highly active, volatile dry solvents. Solv-A-Clene contains no fuel oil, kerosene, water, fat, oil, chlorinated solvents or carbon tetrachloride. It should never be diluted.

Directions for Dry Cleaning with Solv-A-Clene:

  1. Add Per-Scent™ to the Solv-A-Clene before using.
  2. Always use Solv-A-Clene in a well ventilated area.
  3. Test all fabrics for colorfastness in an inconspicuous area. Determine if piece should be wet or dry cleaned, then proceed accordingly.
  4. Vacuum thoroughly to remove loose soil and grit.
  5. Carefully inspect upholstery for tears, worn areas, missing legs, etc. Note same and call customer before proceeding if conditions are severe. Heavily soiled areas should receive special attention during dry cleaning operation and then may require special wet spotting after dry cleaning.
  6. Almost all fabrics can be dry cleaned safely. However, some upholstery dyes may be solvent soluble and should be tested prior to cleaning. These usually are a bright print on a white background.
  7. Lightly overspray heavily soiled aras and allow to stand for 2 to 3 minutes.
  8. With the Bane-Clene Dry Cleaner, work hand tool across the piece with the same technique used in wet cleaning.
  9. Concentrated soil should receive special attention. Use vacuum freely after solution stroke. Repeat as necessary.
  10. Feather out all wet spots to the nearest divider (piping, seam, etc.). Dry cleaning solution rings are as difficult to remove as water rings.
  11. After dry cleaning, mist any remaining spots with Bane-Clene Saf-T-Solv™, allow spot to stand for 2 to 3 minutes, carefully rub with turkish towel or sponge using a motion from outside to the center of the spot. Vacuum again. Repeat if necessary.
  12. Use a soft bristled brush to set the texture of fibers where necessary. A hand-held hair dryer will be useful to force dry any damp spots after brushing.
  13. Apply Sta-Clene® Furniture Protector at this time if it is part of the job.
  14. Thoroughly wipe all exposed wood surfaces and polish to complete the job.

Solv-A-Clene Use Concentration: Undiluted.

Use pH: Not applicable to solvents.

Solv-A-Clene cannot be shipped via air.

Do not dispose of Solv-A-Clene in drains.


Certain restrictions may apply in some states.

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Material Safety Data Sheet on Solv-A-Clene.

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10400 1-3 Gallons Solv-A-Clene (price per gallon) $21.95/gallon
10400 4 Gallons (1 case) Solv-A-Clene $83.80/case
10400 8 Gallons (2 cases) Solv-A-Clene $159.60/ 2 cases

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