Wood-Solv™ Step 1™
No-Sanding Prep Cleaner Prepares
Wood, Pergo®, Laminate, Cork, Parquet, Bamboo and Engineered Floors
for Refinishing and Repair

from Bane-Clene®

Rx for Wood Step 1 No-Sanding Prep Cleaner

Neutral pH No-Sanding Prep begins the process of building a beautiful new finish on a wood floor by chemically cleaning and abrading effectively without blackening the floor.

The purpose of Step 1 No-Sanding Prep is to slightly roughen and etch the surface of the old floor finish so that the final protective coat in Step 3 Wood-Solv Wood Floor Finish has something to grip.

Prepare the floor by chemically and mechanically abrading the floor surface by using both the No-Sanding Prep solution and a blue pad on the rotary floor machine and the Scotch Brite® pad and block in the corners. Optionally, use screen-back discs to ensure good adhesion.

Brief Directions for Refinishing Wood and Laminate (Pergo®) Flooring:

  1. For best adhesion, surfaces must be clean, dry and free from wax, grease, oil, shellac, lacquer, mildew and polishes.
  2. Clean the floor using Wood-Solv Wood Floor Cleaner.
  3. Waxes must be removed with Wood-Solv no Sanding Prep; sanding does not remove wax.
  4. If the wood floor is more than 30 years old, check for wax finish using denatured alcohol in an inconspicuous area of the floor. Place a small amount of denatured alcohol on a clean white cotton cloth and vigorously rub a small area of the floor looking for wax transfer to the cloth. If the sheen is removed, the floor is a wax finish and not designed for the Wood-Solv Wood Floor Finish System. Denatured alcohol is available in all paint stores; Caution, denatured alcohol is highly flammable-read manufacturers label directions before use
  5. Especially if working commercially, set out your caution signs.
  6. Use a two-person crew: Easier to move furniture - one crew-member uses scrubber while the other edges and damp mops.
  7. Step One No-Sanding Prep Chemically "softens" the existing finish.
  8. The 150 RPM scrubber should be used with a scrubbing pad to evenly work Step 1 into the surface. A red pad is normally used, but the more aggressive blue pad is required for engineered floors and aluminum-oxide coated laminates such as Pergo®.
  9. Pour the entire contents of the Wood-Solv no Sanding Prep into a mop bucket
  10. Prepare the floor by chemically and mechanically abrading the floor surface by using both the No-Sanding Prep solution and a red or blue floor pad on the rotary floor machine and the Scrub Block in the corners.
  11. Begin by working around the edges, lightly pouring Step One directly onto the floor.
  12. Apply Step 1 with the Wood Floor no-lint Mop or with a Spray 1™ or a Multi-Sprayer®.
  13. Lightly pour Step One onto the floor to scrub a 4 foot x 4 foot area. Begin at the farthest point from the planned exit area and work your way to the exit.
  14. As one employee uses scrubber, the second employee is pouring Step One onto the floor in the next area to be scrubbed.
  15. Black or blue pad then red pad on laminates in good condition. Pad should be same size or smaller than machine.
  16. Also, the second employee is using the lint free mop, to mop up the excess Step One after scrubbing.
  17. Thoroughly rinse the floor using a damp rinse mop and fresh cold water.
  18. Repeat the process until the entire floor to be finished has been prepped.
  19. Do not allow the floor to dry before rinsing with cold water as any residual Step 1 No Sanding Prep will affect the new finish coat causing ‘whitening’ of the finish and unevenness and ‘ridging’ where the old finish was not removed.
  20. After Step One has been applied and removed from the entire floor, use the fan to accelerate drying.
  21. Floor is now ready for Step 2 (repairs with putty, fill sticks and grain pencils).
  22. Note: Step One is pH neutral. It will not turn bare wood black. Competitive product can turn the bare wood black.
  23. Cover A/C ducts and close windows!
  24. NOTE: Some floors may require the use of screen back discs for better abrasion.
  25. Allow floor to dry to the touch (approximately 30 minutes) before repairing gouges, scratches, and missing grain with the putty, fill sticks and grain pencils.
  27. NOTE: Much more detailed information is available on the training video, in the training manual and in the training class.

Use Concentration: Undiluted.

Coverage: Up to 800-1,000 ft2/gal.

Use pH: 3 - 6

Protect from Freezing!

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Material Safety Data Sheet on Step 1 No-Sanding Prep.

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