Phase V™ Urine Pretreatment and Deodorizer for Carpets and Rugs

from Bane-Clene®

Phase V Urine Pretreatment and Deodorizer

Unscented concentrated Phase V is primarily formulated as a spotting agent to remove light yellow urine stains and secondarily destroy mild pet urine odor. The best result comes when applied while the spot is fresh. Phase V contains wetting agents to penetrate the soil, citric organic acid to neutralize urine and tannins and the ammonia released as bacteria decomposes urine, alcohol solvent to help dissolve stains and a quaternary ammonium chloride bactericide to control odors.

May add Per-Scent™ (except Pine and Honeysuckle) to add fragrance.

NOTE: Phase V deodorizer is not compatible with enzyme products such as ProZyme, Un-Duz-It® and Molecular Modifier.

May be used on Stainmaster carpet, when retreated with Teflon® Advanced after extraction to restore stain resistance.

Use Concentration: Dilute 1:10 parts of water.

Use pH: 2-3

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Material Safety Data Sheet on Phase V.

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