Phase II™
Solvent-Based Odor Control Concentrate

from Bane-Clene®

Phase II Solvent-Based Odor Control Concentrate

For those more difficult problems such as smoke, urine, vomit, perspiration, medicines, and rancid food oils, we recommend Phase II.

Phase ll is a solution of solvents, fast-acting glycols, liquifiers, couplers, perfume, dual-deodorizing system, and quaternary ammonium chloride (a known germicide) at double the concentration of the previous formulation.

Phase II is a high-potency ready-to-use deodorizer that eliminates extraordinarily offensive odors by complex chemical interaction. It is not a cover-up or a masking agent. Phase II kills animal odors, human and pet "accident" odors, smoke damage odors, kitchen odors, musty odors and mildew odors.

Phase II can be applied through a Viton sprayer, atomizer for cold fog application, or injected with an injection needle. Do not add Phase II to the solution tank or dilute it with water.

NOTE: Not for use on stain-resistant nylon carpet.

NOTE: Phase II contains isopropyl alcohol, which can set off a carbon monoxide alarm.

Use Concentration: Undiluted.

Use pH: 6 - 7

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Material Safety Data Sheet on Phase II.

Spray Bottle Label for Phase II.

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10280 1-3 Gallons Phase II (Price per gallon) $18.95/gal
10280 4 Gallons Phase II (1 case) $71.80
10280 8 Gallons Phase II (2 cases) $135.60
10280 12 Gallons Phase II (3 cases) $191.40
30420 Injection Needle
for Phase II
$3.95 each
30420 Injection Needle, One Dozen $35.40/dz

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