New, Improved Double-Concentration Phase I™
Odor Control Concentrate

from Bane-Clene®

Phase I Water-Soluble Odor Control Concentrate

Phase I solves the usual odor problems with so little effort. By simply adding one ounce of mint-fragrance Phase I per gallon of cleaning solution, those everyday odors are whisked away with the recovered water in your extraction machine.

Phase I is a high-potency, super-concentrated, water-soluble deodorizer that eliminates very offensive odors by complex chemical interaction. It is NOT a mask for undesirable odors and does not in any way dull the sense of smell.

Phase I will effectively control the source of most common odors.

Phase I is an water-based concentrate of emulsifiers, fast-acting glycols, liquifiers, couplers, perfume, dual-deodorizing system, and a quaternary ammonium chloride (a known germicide) at DOUBLE the concentration of the previous formulation.

Not for use on stain-resistant nylon carpet.

Use Concentration: 1 to 2 ounces per gallon cleaning solution.

Use pH: 7

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Material Safety Data Sheet on Phase I.

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10240 1-3 Gallons (price/gallon) $16.95/gal
10240 4 Gallons (1 case) $63.80
10240 8 Gallons (2 cases) $119.60

Phase I is discountable. Prices subject to change without notice.

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