PCA™ Formula 5
New Generation
Powdered Cleaning Agent
for hot water extraction cleaning
of carpets, rugs and upholstery

from Bane-Clene®

Cleaning Carpet with PCA-5

PCA Formula 5 is Bane-Clene’s primary hot water extraction powdered detergent, designed especially for use on stain-resistant nylon fibers. A potent, low-pH, low-foam, 100% active emulsifier, which is safe for most carpet fibers, PCA Formula 5 is our most use-cost-effective cleaning agent and can be used in both holding tank equipment and siphon-feed/induction type extraction equipment.

This highly concentrated, powdered extraction cleaning agent has an increased Emulon® level double that of PCA™ Formula 4 and six times the descaling water conditioners. Contains no fillers.

PCA Formula 5 will perform in high-temperature systems where competitive powdered detergents will precipitate out and cause scaling problems.

There will typically be three chemicals in the solution tank of a Bane-Clene system: Detergent (PCA powder or LCA®-256 liquid), Booster™ and Per-Scent®.

NOTE: PCA Formula 5 should never be used with equipment containing aluminum pumps or aluminum water tanks.

Contains no cationic ingredients and is safe for most carpet fibers.

Contains descaling agents and water conditioners to help keep couplers clean, lubricate pumps and prevent clogging of jets.

PCA 5 is CRI approved under its Seal of Approval program

PCA™ Formula 5 earns the Seal of Approval for superior cleaning from the Carpet and Rug Institute-where "Only the Best Pass the Test"

Bane-Clene has earned the Seal of Approval for its PCA Formula 5 in-tank cleaner from the Carpet and Rug Institute, signifying that it effectively removes soil without any damage to the carpet. The CRI Seal of Approval is awarded to carpet cleaning products that pass stringent tests administered by an independent, accredited laboratory.

"When consumers see the CRI Seal of Approval on PCA Formula 5, they can trust that it will do the job they expect," said Bill Bane, Jr., CEO of Bane-Clene. "We could not be more pleased that the carpet industry is distinguishing truly effective soil removal products from ones that don't even clean as well as water. In this sense, they are raising the bar for all carpet cleaning products."

PCA Formula 5 was rated on its effectiveness at removing soil, and thus at improving the appearance of a carpet. Plain water was used on a similar sample of soiled carpet as a control. The differential soil level between the cleaned sample and control was rated instrumentally as well as by a panel of independent technicians using industry-standard performance ratings. The product was also tested for rate of color change and resoiling, which means whether or not a product attracts new dirt at an accelerated rate.

"Effective soil removal is critical to extending a carpet's life and appearance, especially in high traffic areas. And the Seal of Approval is proof that our product delivers. Our focus is on delivering value for our customers, and we are delighted to see our efforts recognized by CRI," said Mr. Bane.

About the Carpet and Rug Institute: CRI is the leading source for science-based information and insight on how carpet and rugs create a better environment-for living, working, learning and healing. The Institute's mission is to serve the carpet industry and public by providing facts that help people make informed choices. Its best practices promote a balance between social, economic and environmental responsibility for the long term. CRI does this for its industry, yet it strives to be a model corporate citizen for all industries.

PCA Formula 5 Detergent Emulsifier Filling Directions for Bane-Clene Portable and Truckmount Carpet Cleaning Equipment:

  1. Use a clean container to pre-mix a concentrate.
  2. Pre-mix the proper amount of PCA Formula 5 as indicated below with approximately 2 gallons of hot water.
  3. Shake well until mostly dissolved and then pour the mixture into the clean water supply tank of the unit.
  4. Finish filling the tank with water.

Filling Directions for PCA Formula 5 for Siphon-Feed Systems:

  1. Make a pre-mix solution by adding 8 to 24 ounces (liquid measure with a Measuring cup) of PCA Formula 5 to each 5 gallons capacity of the concentrate tank.
  2. Agitate the solution thoroughly before beginning siphon operation. Adjust dial as needed.

Use concentration: 0.4 ozs/gal

Use pH: 9.2 at 0.4 ozs./gal.

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