PCA™ Formula 4 Heavy-Duty Extraction
Powdered Cleaning Agent and Emulsifier
for Heavily-Soiled Commercial Carpets

from Bane-Clene®

PCA Formula 4 Powdered Cleaning Agent for hot water extraction cleaning

The optimum in commercial grade cleaning agent emulsifiers, PCA Formula 4 is safe and recommended for most types of extraction equipment. It contains unique surfactants for maximum cleaning and solubility required for siphon-feed induction type equipment, as well as special chemical complexes that increase production and decrease drying time for portable type equipment.

PCA Formula 4 is highly concentrated and contains 100% active ingredients, descaling agents, plus pile-softening, anti-foaming and odor-controlling ingredients. It is not affected by extreme hot water conditions and can be mixed and stored in a concentrated form without settling or potency loss occurring. An excellent product to use in restaurants, trashed apartments and heavily soiled carpets.

  • PCA Formula 4 is outstanding on removing oils from oil-loving olefin carpets.
  • PCA Formula 4 should never be used with equipment containing aluminum pumps or water tanks.
  • PCA Formula 4 has been designed for commercial only. Do not use on stain-resistant nylon fibers, natural fibers, upholstery, prints, or BASF Zeftron® 2000.
  • For professional use only! Not for use by consumers!

Filling Directions for PCA Formula 4 Carpet Cleaning Detergent in Bane-Clene Portable and Truckmounted Equipment:

  1. Use a clean container to pre-mix a concentrate.
  2. Pre-mix the proper amount of PCA Formula 4 as indicated below with approximately 2 gallons of very hot water.
  3. Shake well until dissolved and then pour the mixture into the clean water supply tank of the unit.
  4. Finish filling the tank with water.

Filling Directions for PCA Formula 4 Powdered Cleaning Agent in Siphon-Feed Systems:

  1. Make a pre-mix solution by adding 8 to 24 ounces (liquid measure with a Measuring cup) of PCA Formula 4 to each 5 gallons capacity of the concentrate tank.
  2. Agitate the solution until completely dissolved before beginning siphon operation. Adjust dial as needed.

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Click for a Material Safety Data Sheet on PCA Formula 4 in Adobe Acrobat format.


Use pH: 11-12 at 0.4 ozs./gal

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