Bane-Clene Olefin Pre-Conditioner
Carpet Prespray / Traffic Lane Spotter
for oily soils, especially on olefin carpet

Olefin Carpet Pre-Conditioner

Olefin fibers are frequently difficult to clean because of their tenacious affinity for oils. In fact, olefin (sometimes called polypropylene) is so oily itself that it is the only carpet fiber that floats in water!

From the lubricant and metal forming industry, Bane-Clene® introduces an answer to this problem.

Bane-Clene Olefin Pre-Conditioner, a super-concentrated formulation of of uniquely balanced surfactants specifically formulated to emulsify and break down heavily compacted oil and grease, especially in carpet traffic lanes and other hard to clean areas—particularly on olefin and on berber carpet. Contains no phosphates, nitrates, Butyl Cellosolve or cationics. Yet, it can easily be used residentially!

For extremely oily olefin carpets and rugs, add Energy to the Olefin Preconditioner

May also be used on heavily soiled nylon carpet.

Olefin Pre-Conditioner Pre-Spray Directions for Cleaning Carpet:

  1. Test all fabrics for colorfastness.
  2. Heavy oily soils: Mix 10 parts of water to 1 part product in a stainless steel sprayer. If using an injection sprayer preset at 1:10, add to the injection sprayer jug undiluted. Allow at least 15 minutes before cleaning. If extremely soiled loop-pile, agitate the carpet with a deck brush or with a low-speed buffer and soft carpet brush.
  3. Light to moderate soil: Use at 1:30 with water. Apply the diluted mixture to the fabric or carpet. Allow at least 15 minutes before cleaning.
  4. For the digesting action to work effectively, extended contact time and agitation may be needed in severe cases.
  5. Extract and rinse well.

Olefin Pre-Conditioner Use Concentration: 1:10-1:30 with water.

Use pH: 9-10

NOTE: For professional use only! Not for use by consumers!

Protect Olefin Pre-Conditioner from Freezing!

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