FSR Filtration Soil Remover for Carpet Cleaning

from Bane-Clene® and Pro’s Choice

Soil Filtration

FSR Filtration Soil Remover introduces new technology to a very old problem. A thick gel, FSR breaks the ionic bond that occurs between fine particulate filtration soil and the carpet fiber. FSR removes filtration soil lines along walls, under doors, and near heating and air conditioning vents.

Also removes copier and fax toner, carbon soils, dry soot and other charged particle soils that are strongly attracted to fibers.

FSR Filtration Soil Remover DIRECTIONS:

  1. Apply FSR Filtration Soil Remover to the contaminated fibers.
  2. Thoroughly but carefully agitate fibers with a brush such as the grout line brush or the carpet shark to assist in breaking the soil bond. Be careful not to damage the wall, baseboard or other surface!
  3. In severe cases, apply Stain Magic to oxidize some of the soil.
  4. Thoroughly hot water extraction-clean away soil.
  5. Crevice Tools are best used with the FSR and extractor to remove this difficult soil.
  6. Again, be careful not to damage the wall, baseboard or other surface!
  7. If need be, use a shim of some kind to prevent damage (cardboard, plastic, metal piece).
  8. Apply ARA , Bane-Guard™, Sta-Clene or Teflon to retard future accumulation of soil.
  9. NOTE: FSR is very foamy - Use with Crystal Defoamer from Chemspec.

Read the Soil Filtration Article for more information on this type of soil.

Use Concentration: Undiluted.

Use pH: 8

Spot and Stain Removal Products and Information:

Material Safety Data Sheet on FSR Filtration Soil Remover.

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