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the Bane-Clene Family

On February 4th, 1962, Wm. F. Bane, Jr., started a part-time cleaning venture to subsidize his education. His first account brought in $40.00 a month. Within a few months the entire Bane family was working part-time in the business, and in January of 1965 Bill hired his dad as a full-time employee of the company.

Mother (Elizabeth) and brother (Don) came with the company full-time in 1969 when the transition was made from a janitorial service company to a carpet cleaning operation that specialized in residential cleaning.

Today, Bill, Elizabeth (Betty), Bill, Jr., and Don are the principal shareholders in the Bane-Clene Corporation, which grew from that very humble beginning. Bane-Clene’s rise from obscurity to one of the major forces in the carpet cleaning industry is a true Horatio Alger story in the best American tradition.