APS™ All Purpose Spotter
for Professional Cleaners

from Bane-Clene®

APS Rug and Carpet Spotter for Professional Cleaners

A multi-faceted, ready-to-use stain and spot remover for carpets, rugs and upholstery, APS All Purpose Spotter removes nearly most stains and spots, including coffee, grease, grime, ink and animal accidents.

APS All Purpose Spotter is nonflammable, contains no mineral spirits and emits no toxic or irritating fumes. It contains multiple solvents, a water-soluble deodorizer and a detergent system which cleans, brightens and deodorizes in one step. Has a pleasant pine fragrance. Always rinse thoroughly after use.

APS All Purpose Spotter contains no cationic ingredients.

Use Concentration for APS All Purpose Spotter: Undiluted

Use pH for APS All Purpose Spotter: 9.5–10.0

CAUTION: Some medicines such as acne medicine contain oxidants such as benzoyl peroxide. These medicines will bleach the carpet dye when spotted with any water-based spotter such as APS. USE SPARINGLY.

Protect APS All Purpose Spotter from Freezing!

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10220 1 Quart APS All Purpose Spotter (without Trigger Sprayer) $6.95
10220 12 Quart Case APS All Purpose Spotter (without Trigger Sprayers) $71.40
10221 APS Trigger Sprayer $1.00
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