Four Characteristics
of a Successful Person


They cultivate confidence rather than fear, belief rather than doubt, look for the good rather than the evil, love rather than hate, forgive rather than cherish resentments. Such affirmation to the positive force of existence promotes both happiness and health and helps to prolong our lives.


Life is happening. Sometimes it opens itself with beauty and gentleness; at other times with harshness. It thrusts itself upon us with difficult problems. Imagination is the tool that surmounts problems.


Life intrudes with the needs of others. That’s the nature of the service industry. Customers need kindness and understanding. Often we resent being bothered. Strong individuals learn to deal with the wants and needs of their customers and are rewarded handsomely.


Say yes to life through cheerfulness. A cheery response may take a bit of doing at first because there is much that doesnít invite the cheerful mood. Each of us at times could do a better job of seeming cheerful even when we donít feel that way. Look happy, seem happy, and perform happy actions. SUCCESS never fails those afraid to try. Stay cheerful and add to the joy of being alive.

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