Twenty Steps to Success
in the Carpet Cleaning Business

Step Ladder To Success

Reprinted from the Bane-Clene® Cleaning Digest™

Spring 1999, Volume 29, Number 2, Page 29

  1. Customer satisfaction is the number one priority.
  2. Promote trade practices and business principals that assure consumer satisfation.
  3. Courteous customer treatment by sales, technical and telephone personnel.
  4. Punctuality in keeping all appointments.
  5. Follow-up process: comment card, phone call or personal call to determine customer satisfaction.
  6. Prompt action and a no-charge complaint policy to correct problems.
  7. Technicians must be sober, drug-free and in a company uniform with proper identification.
  8. Insurance for liability and potential damage while on the customerís property.
  9. Positive advertising that is accurate in statements and claims.
  10. Pre-spotting and movement of most furniture included in the price unless clearly specified otherwise.
  11. Price quotations at no charge which include all functions and procedures necessary to accomplish cleaning regardless of the degree of soiling.
  12. Use the safest and most effective equipment, cleaning agents and techniques available.
  13. Clean and properly maintain equipment. Trucks must be clean and well lettered for customer security and peace of mind.
  14. Obey licensing requirements and all local ordinances.
  15. Use only safe, legal environmental techniques regarding waste water and chemical disposal.
  16. Continue education for specific cleaning and spotting instructions for each fiber and blend of fibers
  17. Study carpet construction processes and the function of adhesives and carpet backings.
  18. Learn the purpose and chemistry involved in stain-resist processes.
  19. Understand Indoor Air Quality and the benefits of external extraction for the breathing impaired.
  20. Promote carpet as "the" floor covering of choice.

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