Good Time To Start a Carpet Cleaning Business?

Is there a good time to start a new business? That depends. If you’re to be successful, you must find the right market for your service and the best way to reach it. Yellow Pages? Direct mail? Radio and television? Magazines or newspapers? Advertising will make or break a new business venture.

A quick glance at the Yellow Pages might give the impression that the market is saturated with cleaning companies. Actually, less than 30 percent of manufactured carpet is ever professionally cleaned and only 15% of professional cleaners answer their telephone. This offers a huge potential market.

The carpet industry has begun informing consumers that their products should be professionally maintained. One fiber producer even tied its warranty to professional cleaning as have several carpet makers. Most manufacturers of carpet recommend The Bane-Clene Way®. The interest in indoor air quality has promoted the idea that professional cleaning is a necessity for an improved indoor environment.

The greatest value in advertising today is on the internet. Visits to have exceeded 4 million during the past 12 months. Most visitors were looking for someone to service their carpets and hard floors.

This is a great time to start a carpet cleaning business! It will be a successful, profitable endeavor if you do your homework. Give yourself a head start and spend three days at Bane-Clene Institute.

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