Recruiting Tips

from Bane-Clene®

Always carry business cards with you.

Anytime you see someone who is:

  1. pleasant
  2. has a ready smile
  3. is articulate

Give them your business card and tell them you have an employment opportunity for them. Ask them to call you if they are interested in a career change.

You will find prospects everywhere. Fast foods, oil change garages, grocery stores, department store clerks...anywhere people are being served. Look for the good ones. Most will not respond...but every once in a while, one will!

Your customer is a great source for recruiting. They know exactly the type of people they want to come into their home. Ask them to refer people to you who are looking for a career change.

You may want to offer a reward of $500 or $1,000 in cleaning services to your customer. Never offer cash. Pay the reward in stages: after new employees have served at least 90 days, the balance after they have been with you a year.