Carpet and Rug Protectors

The purpose of carpet protectors is just what the name implies — these are chemical coatings that are designed to protect the carpet against soil, stains, wicking and/or static electricity.

Silicones are good at protecting carpets, rugs and upholstery from water-based stains. They are best used where protection against water-based spills is the only problem. Silicone products are NOT FOR USE ON residential stain-resist nylon or olefin fibers.

Fluorochemicals, such as Bane-Clene’s Bane-Guard™, Sta-Clene®, DuPont's Teflon® Advanced and Scotchgard™ (often mis-spelled as Scotchguard) Protector for Carpet and Upholstery change the surface energy of fibers and provide soil resistance as their primary function. Additionally, they help fibers resist both water-based and oil-based spots and spills.

Fluorochemicals are allowed for use on most stain-resist nylon fibers.

Soil retardants such as Bane-Clene’s Bane-Guard™, Sta-Clene®, Teflon and Scotchgard, coat the fibers with a material that keeps the soil on the surface for ready removal. A carpet that has been treated with a soil retardant will retard soiling and is easier to clean the next time. Carpets protected by Bane-Guard™, Sta-Clene® and Teflon will stay cleaner longer—a real time and money saver for the consumer.

Most carpet protectors will change the "feel" of the carpet. However, routine vacuuming and traffic will bring back the original feel within a few days. How long the protection lasts depends primarily on how much use the carpet receives and how well it’s cared for. For most protectors, 2 - 4 days curing time are required for optimum results.

For optimum performance, it is best to have protector re-applied each time the carpet is cleaned.

When applying protector and while the carpet is drying after application of protector, the customer needs to follow these suggestions:

  1. Avoid using the room.
  2. If it is necessary to walk on the carpet, wear clean shoes or white stockings.
  3. Avoid walking on carpet with bare feet.
  4. Keep children and pets off the carpet.
  5. Weather permitting, open windows to provide fresh air
  6. Remove caged pets from room.
  7. Customer should be out of room during application.

Anti-wicking / anti-resoiling products, such as ARA, prevent the problem of large spills reappearing a few days after cleaning.

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