Phone Courtesy

The cleaning community has many qualified “dirt busters,” but lacks professionalism in answering telephone inquiries. Growth and success comes to those who have trained, knowledgeable people answer their telephones and even in the most difficult economy, these experts will schedule many more appointments than competitors who use voice mail or an answering service.

Some telephone tips for carpet cleaning companies:

  • Identify your company by name and thank your customer for calling you.
  • Adding your own name when you answer the phone is a nice gesture.
  • The phone must take precedence over paper work. Stop what you are doing and give the caller your undivided attention.
  • Donít rush callers. Their questions are very important to them.
  • Donít be too busy to be friendly.
  • Donít leave callers "hanging on hold." A return call is preferred.
  • Utilize common courtesies such as, "May I please schedule an appointment for you?" or, "Thank you for choosing to call us."

Additional Carpet Cleaning Company Phone Information: