Bane-Clene® Marketing & Advertising for the Carpet Cleaning Industry

National Referral Network.
This exclusive computer-maintained Referral Network of qualified Bane-Clene systems owners has many benefits.
Members of the “Network of Excellence” are also eligible to have their own web site hosted by Bane-Clene at the Bane-Clene site.
PCA Consumer Brochure
Ready-to-Use Sales Aids.
Soiled Carpet Brochure
Point-of-Service Brochures.
Residential Carpet Care Brochure
Generic literature for anyone in the cleaning business.
Advertising Handbook
Specific material for those who use Bane-Clene systems.
Advertising Handbook
A full range of advertising material reflects the company philosophy. Radio tapes, scripts, brochures, television tapes and Yellow Pages ads have been developed for use in Bane-Clene’s own Indianapolis service company.
Yellow Pages Advertising
These advertising materials have been proven effective in actual use here in central Indiana where the service company has more than 50,000 residential and commercial customers.
As a supplier to the cleaning industry, Bane-Clene’s advertising programs are in use by thousands of successful cleaning firms nationwide and overseas. By purchasing in large quantities, Bane-Clene is able to provide high-quality advertising material at the lowest possible cost.
Bane-Clene offers all the advantages of a franchise, but without any of the cost. You keep all that you earn without paying royalties or franchise fees. Bane-Clene is truly the non-franchise, franchise!

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Advertising Literature
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