Head Lice and Carpet Cleaning

Head Lice

Lice are tiny parasites that live on human beings and feed on blood. They seldom cause serious medical problems, but they are both annoying and contagious. Every four hours or so, a louse bites into a tiny blood vessel for a meal.

Head lice (Pediculus humanus capitis) are about the size of a sesame seed and can be easily seen, although they hide quickly in response to light. Their eggs, called nits, are barely visible, whitish ovals cemented to hair shafts.

Head lice are extremely contagious, especially among schoolchildren. Girls are usually more affected than boys because girls tend to share clothing more. Head Lice afflict an estimated 6 12 million children in the United States.

Adult lice normally can survive 20 hours without a blood meal, and have been known to survive on an inanimate object for up to 48 hours.

Steri-Fab® kills this insect.

Head lice are a common problem in schools and day care centers.

Do not spray insecticides around children.

The children should be treated with prescription grade products at the same time the carpet and other surfaces are treated. Over-the-counter products are only marginally effective.

NOTE: Many states require that a contractor applying a pest control product be licensed. Please contact your state EPA office for further information.