Waste Tank Discharge from Carpet Cleaning Equipment

In our Bane-Clene® training school, we emphasize the proper disposal of the dirty waste water from carpet cleaning jobs. We strongly encourage our customers to follow these guidelines for proper dispoal of the wastewater.

Under the Clean Water Act, you cannot dump your waste water directly into surface water - such as retention ponds, lakes, rivers, ponds, etc.

It is illegal to dump your clean or dirty solution down a storm sewer, into a stream or onto a street, or driveway.

Even if your customer permits you to dump on her yard, it's unwise. If the groundwater runs off into wetlands or streams or if the property is as close as 75 feet to a well, storm sewer, dam or any other source that leads to a stream. Additionally, if the soil is waterlogged, rocky or often flooded, it is usually not legal.

In many areas, you cannot dump into a septic tank system unless it is large enough to handle the load.

Moreover, special permission, license, and even fees are required in some communities. In a few communities, you may dump ONLY in a designated hazardous waste disposal plant

Recovered wastewater may only be dumped into a sanitary sewer line which discharges into a publicly owned waste-water treatment plant.

Bear in mind that usually this water is no more harmful than the dirty water coming from a consumer's automatic dishwasher or laundry machine, which also cannot, obviously, be dumped into a storm sewer or into the street!

If you do not have a sanitary sewer where you can dump at home or at your place of business, we suggest you make arrangements with a car wash or an RV dumpsite. Just be certain to get WRITTEN permission and always strain out solid matter using a wire mesh screen when dumping. Keep this written permission in your truck in case someone, such as the police, question whether you have permission. If you don't have the written permission with you, you might be arrested!

Many cleaners get in trouble with the law every year. They are fined severely and sometimes even jailed for dumping wastewater into streams, ponds, or onto the street. Not only can the company be fined, but the individual technician doing the illegal dumping can also be fined! Wastewater cannot be emptied into storm drains because most drains empty into surface waters. This is true not just of professional carpet cleaners but is also true of professionals doing such things as pressure washing vehicles and buildings!

Bane-Clene has available a "Sewer Letter" available only to Bane-Clene customers which you can send to your municipality or waste treatment plant to help obtain approval for dumping.