About Complaints!

Reprinted from the July 2004 Bane-Clene® Clene-Times

A recent report to the White House Office of Consumer Affairs revealed what we’ve been teaching at Bane-Clene Institute for several years is correct. The report stated that 96% of unhappy customers never complain. Ninety-one percent of those unhappy customers who do not complain will never again do business with the firm that offended them.

An interesting side note to the report stated that the average unhappy consumer who does not complain will share the negative story with at least nine people. Thirteen percent of those will be so unhappy that they will tell more than twenty people of their displeasure.

Bane-Clene’s report cards and distribution procedure should be used on every single service job we do. If there is any problem, people will let us know...if we have asked. Find out at our school how to use the report card to effectively increase your business.

In the event of a complaint from a customer, always give the customer the benefit of the doubt and the definite advantage. The old rule about the customer always being right isn’t honored much anymore. Doing this will make your company outstanding.