Carpet Retailers in the Carpet Cleaning Business?

Reprinted from the Bane-Clene® Cleaning Digest™

Summer 1999, Volume 29, Number 3, Page 27

Alert carpet retailers have been exploring the possibilities of being more involved in the cleaning industry. Franchises have moved in and threaten to take the customers of independent retailers who do not offer full service. It makes sense that a store that sells carpet should service it just as automobile agencies have repair shops to work on the cars they sell.

Many carpet retailers have actually entered the cleaning arena while others have teamed up with local cleaners to provide service to their customers.

The service industry is labor intensive. If a retailer has sufficient personnel, a service division may be a wise choice. But if labor is a problem, the alternative can be to align with a reputable local cleaning firm on a contractual basis to service the customers of a retail organization.

Either way, the consumer wins and the retailer wins. The ability to service the carpet warranty and being in the customerís home once or twice a year instead of every six to ten years is a tremendous sales advantage.

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