Before You Finance

The internet can now provide names of companies purporting to offer leasing and other forms of financing for carpet cleaning equipment. Many of these companies are legitimate - many are not. Please take time to investigate before you begin a business relationship with a new lending company.

    Some Do's
  1. How long has the company been doing business under their current name? Ask this question!
  2. Seek information on the company with the state or city BBB where they are headquartered.
  3. Has the equipment vendor you are seeking equipment from done business with this company before? Have they even heard of them? Will they do business with them?
  4. Ask for references regarding equipment companies they have worked with in the past.
    Some Dont's
  1. Do not submit personal credit information on-line. Ask the company to fax or e-mail you a lease application.
  2. Never send money to a company based upon "pre-approval." Legitimate companies will send contracts to you when you have passed final approval. Deposit money and documentation fees may be sent at the time the signed contracts are returned.
  3. Do not sign contracts if the information and dollar amounts differ from that which was given verbally. Always question any discrepancies.

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