The Bane-Clene Way® Advertising Program


Recognition - Across the globe, you will be part of the highly regarded Bane-Clene Way. Benefit from the fine reputation of other Network of Excellence™ members.

Referrals - People moving to your area will recognize your "Hose-bordered" ad in the Yellow Pages. Calls on Bane-Clene's toll-free 800 number and internet inquiries will be referred to you. The Bane-Clene Way is used by major carpet mills for warrany service referred to members of our Network of Excellence.

National Locator Service - The Bane-Clene Way is listed in consumer Yellow Pages and in magazines that go to carpet makers and carpet retailers.

Media Associates - Bane-Clene's advertising agency is available for budgeting, planning promotions, marketing and radio and television commercials. Full color brochures and a wide assortment of high quality sales aids are available at discount prices for your direct mail programs.

Uniforms, Patches and Truck Decals - Available to you at discount prices.

Membership in PCA (Professional Cleaners Association). There is no charge for members of the Network of Excellence.


Sign an Advertising Agreement - This is your license to use Bane-Clene's federally registered and copyrighted material and trademarks. There is NO charge and there are NO franchise fees.

Maintain a clean, neat, professional appearance - Your building, trucks, equipment and people should be clean and uniforms proudly display the PCA and Certified Technician patches. Photo ID badges are optional but we recommend they should be worn by service personnel.

Maintain a high level of excellence in your business and in your performance - Your service must be cost-effective for the customer and for you. Be willing to do warranty work and travel approximately sixty miles upon the request of a carpet manufacturer.

Use Bane-Clene truck mounted equipment, chemicals and techniques exclusively - Attend Bane-Clene Institute and pass the written examination with a score of at least 70%.

Call 800 428 9512 or ask your sales rep for an advertising agreement.

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