Plus Sales - The Key to Success!

The term "add-on sales" is offensive to some. It calls to mind the huckster element of the cleaning business that is never satisfied with what a customer buys, but always wants to sell more.

Yet, extra sales make a company highly profitable. A service vehicle should generate a reasonable profit just by doing the basic work it was designed to do...clean carpets. Additional sales made by that service unit make the difference between a very mediocre company and a highly profitable one.

In the twenty years that the Wm. F. Bane Co., worked for L. S. Ayres, a major Midwestern department store, it reported to Salvatore R. (Sol) Petruzzi. Sol loved to use the term "plus sales." He said it sounded much softer than "add-on sales" and made extra profit for his company. Sales people, he believed, must be taught to be ethical in the selling of extra services. He had basic rules concerning plus sales:

  1. Plus sales should be made only to the customer who has a need for the product or service.
  2. The customer should be able to afford to buy the extra product or service.

If your basic fees cover expenses and a small profit just cleaning carpets, a crew can make extra profit with just a few additional sales. These go almost entirely to the bottom line since the expenses of getting to the job are already amortized.

Carpet protectors are a tremendous profit generator. Plus sales may also be offered in furniture cleaning, wood floor repair, restoration and refinishing, stone floor care, hard floor care, carpet rakes, spotters, door mats, Grip-It® Rug Pads, anti-allergy cleaning, vacuum cleaners and sundry other items related to the cleaning business.

If your profit margins are not what you think they should be, take a few days off, come to Bane-Clene Institute training school and improve your position in the industry!

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